Battle your mind monsters (and win)

This was a cute feature for CosmoGIRL! that I loved writing. I pitched the idea at a features meeting and was happy to get the okay to work on it. It felt like a great way of getting across some genuine tips around body confidence, self-belief and even money management for young readers.

Anorexia killed my son

I interviewed some incredible women in my time at Real magazine. Some were mothers who had been through heart-breaking struggles with their children, whose strength I have only begun to fathom years later. Talking to Sue and writing this helped me begin to understand the complexity of anorexia as a mental illness. If I worked on it today, over 10 years later, it’d be different I think - there’s much better guidance now on responsible reporting of this illness.

video diaries on living with cancer

Working on this for the Teenage Cancer Trust's magazine was a prompt for me to move from magazines to charities. On teen titles I'd already seen how resilient young people can be but these interviewees awed me. I'll always remember Jonathan's point about how draining it is to feel you must 'be positive' and 'fight' every day.

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