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Posters, booklets, brochures

Left is a launch leaflet for Save the Children's Every Last Child campaign. Under an earlier incarnation of the brand, I worked on a fold-out poster for schools with a great designer who I then teamed up with again on these scratchcard flyers and word-cloud brand posters.


Digital/online content

Here's a set of three confidence-boosting articles I wrote for Springster by Girl Effect, on making your own mantra, being scared and carrying on anyway, and being happy by helping others. Here's a Facebook post that got a good engagement rate for Christmas Jumper Day and a write-up listicle for Radio 4 in four.


messaging and tone of voice development

My tone of voice and messaging development projects have been some of my favourites to work on. But the end products are often for internal audiences and not for public posting. Please get in touch if you’d like a view of work I’ve done in this area.